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Security companies focus on making the cyberworld a safer place, whether by securing email or alerting ops teams of possible security breaches. To do this, security companies collect and analyze as much data as possible to protect their customers.

More and more companies are moving security software from on-premise to the cloud, which means that ensuring data availability is even more critical. But managing and accessing Big Data is difficult and database downtime can equate to a security breach. Security companies need a distributed database that is always available for high-volume reads and writes, and where it’s easy to quickly add capacity as data grows. With millions of dollars at stake, database failures can’t be risked.

インフラストラクチャに単一障害点がないことを保証するため、複雑なインフラ設計を削減するため、また、より簡単に、より複雑さを排除して、必要な時にデータが利用できるようにするために、NoSQL ソリューションを採用するセキュリティ企業が増えています。

Riak は、Big Data を収集し、処理し、分析し、管理する必要があるセキュリティ企業にとって理想的なソリューションです。セキュリティ企業が必要とするスケーラビリティや継続的なシステムの稼働、高速なパフォーマンスを提供する一方で、簡単に運用できます。

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Riak for Security

  • Minimize Downtime — Security apps can’t be down, so security companies need to serve data, even in the event of network partition or hardware failure. Riak’s masterless architecture automatically replicates data within the cluster, so nodes can fail, but the system still responds to requests. You can replace lost nodes during normal business hours, conduct rolling upgrades, and reduce operational costs. No Downtime.
  • Scale for Millions of Concurrent Connections — Successful security companies, especially those offering Security-as-a-Service, need to support hundreds of thousands or even millions of concurrent connections with 100% uptime. This requires a solution that can grow fast and seamlessly. When new nodes are added to a Riak cluster, they automatically distribute data evenly to prevent hot spots in the database, and yield a near-linear increase in performance and throughput when capacity is added.
  • Scale Quickly and Cost Effectively — Growing security companies need a NoSQL database solution that can scale as easily and as quickly as they grow. With Riak, you can scale up or down easily using commodity hardware. Riak is operationally easy to use with the ability to add capacity on demand without data sharding or manually restructuring your cluster.
  • Real-time Analytics — Analyzing application data can provide security companies with valuable information about impending attacks or threats. Riak with the Apache Spark Connector is architected for high performance, real-time analysis, and persistence of data, which is especially necessary for security companies. With the Spark Connector, data can be stored in Riak KV or Riak TS for further processing by Spark or other Big Data application components. Riak also integrates with Mesos, Kafka, Redis, and Solr giving you a suite of tools for integrating with your Big Data pipeline.
  • Low-latent Global Connectivity — Security software is global. Threats come from around the world and users are everywhere. Riak has an innovative database architecture that provides fast read and write functionality for globally distributed data. With advanced Multi-cluster Replication, Security companies can deploy multiple clusters across the datacenter or across the globe.



Riak’s global scalability helps Symantec secure the world.

世界最大級の情報保護企業であり、巨大なグローバルデータインテリジェンスネットワークを持つ Symantec は、2600万件以上の同時接続、3800万個以上のユニークエンドポイント(現在も週に50万個の割合で増加中)、そして毎日のピーク時には秒間28,000 件のリクエストを処理するシステムを支えるために Riak KV を選択し、拡張性が極めて高いデータストアと複数のデータセンター間でデータを複製する能力を活用しています。

Alert Logic

Alert Logic、分析インフラを拡張するため、MySQL から Riak KV に移行

業界大手の SaaS プロバイダであるAlert Logic は、企業がセキュリティの脅威から身を守り、PCI や HIPAA のようなコンプライアンスの必須事項に対処する助けとなっています。Alert Logic では、マシンデータの収集・処理、リアルタイム分析、異常検出、コンプライアンスの徹底、脅威の未然の防止を実現するために必要な新しい分析インフラの開発を目的として、MySQL から Riak KV に切り替えました。